Suzanne Pozsonyi

Suzanne Pozsonyi

CEO, Syncon International (Hungary)

Suzanne Pozsonyi is an international clinical research expert, based in Hungary, with special focus on supporting investigators with patient recruitment, retention and training patients in relation with clinical research.


Suzanne Pozsonyi obtained her postgraduate training in the field of healthcare management at the University Amsterdam in 1990. With the subsidy of the Dutch Government she was instrumental setting up the first Clinical Research Organization (CRO) in Central and Eastern Europe.

During her 30 years in the CRO industry, Ms Pozsonyi has set up offices, recruited and trained personnel in various European and CEE / EE countries for clinical research operations and Good Clinical Practice.

Suzanne has worked with various services providers and with investigators on patient recruitment in the CEE, EE, and the emerging regions of Latin America and South East Asia; with an understanding of similarities and differences of these countries. She is a professional patient advocate,( European Union certified Patient Ambassador )  educating patient organizations representatives and caregivers in Hungary on clinical research, and helping patients to have access to new medical opportunities.


At present, Suzanne is working with various pharma companies, services providers, investigators and patient organizations on patient recruitment and retention in Europe.